LPSI presents results of the Local Public Sector Expenditures Study at USAID: Does more spending at the local level result in better public sector outcomes?

LPSI News: Posted July 8, 2013

In countries around the world, the local public sector delivers the public services that people rely on day-to-day: schools for their children, public health services, access to clean drinking water, roads for getting goods to market, extension services for small farmers, garbage collection, and so on. While there are clear indications that an effective local public sector is a critical ingredient in delivering effective public services across a wide array of important pro-poor public services, little is known about the exact role of the local public sector in achieving sustainable service delivery and inclusive development. The Urban Institute's Local Public Sector Initiative aims to fill this knowledge gap.

Supported by a research grant from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) from January 2012 through July 2013, The Urban Institute engaged in a detailed analysis of local public sector finances in ten developing countries. In particular, the study analyzed the "vertical allocation" of resources within the public sector by considering the share of public financial resources that is spent "close to the people" within public sector at the local level. At the conclusion of the study, the research results were presented at USAID's Economic Growth Sector Council in Washington, DC.

Follow the link to the read the findings of the Local Public Sector Expenditure Study.