GIZ launches new advisory strategy on decentralization and local governance

 LPSI News posted by Administrator
 June 6, 2014


LPSI News, June 2014 - In today's world, regions, cities and municipalities exert a decisive influence over the living conditions and quality of life of a nation's citizens. In most of the world's countries, public-sector goods and services are provided by regional and local governments and authorities, or with their involvement. This applies to basic education, health services, water supply and waste disposal, to name just a few areas. With increasing frequency, citizens are obtaining the essential official documents they require directly from their local authorities. These include, in particular, birth certificates, personal identification documents, electoral documents or business licences. The regions, cities and municipalities are also able to allow citizens to participate in local decision-making and planning processes more directly and with a more decisive influence.

This allows decentralized governmental and administrative systems to create particularly effective framework conditions for the provision of administrative services in all subdivisions of their national territory, to make citizen-oriented political decisions and to promote local economic development. Active citizen participation at the local level allows the needs of the population to be better met in all a country's regions, and to leverage the economic and innovation potential more effectively in these regions, which also benefits the nation as a whole. However, to do so, the regional and local governments and administrative units require access to the necessary competencies, human resources and financial resources.

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) has been supporting the introduction, consolidation and modernisation of decentralized governmental and administrative systems all over the world for more than 25 years. GIZ is now one of the world's leading partners for effecting reforms in this dynamic field of action. Within the scope of international cooperation, GIZ offers its partners and clients a unique combination of extensive experience and expertise in advisory services relating to the implementation of reforms. This expertise is based on its concrete experience with federal state-building and local self-government in Germany, as well as on its broad range of support services, all of which are distinguished by customer orientation, flexibility and quality.

GIZ provides advice to governments, administrative bodies and parliaments at various state levels on developing and establishing decentralized governmental and administrative systems in order to deliver the services that citizens most urgently require. Ultimately, the state exists for its citizens - regardless of whether these reside in the capital city or in a rural community. Experience has shown that failures and obstacles can be avoided when reforms are based on the lessons learned from reform processes in other countries.

The publication of GIZ's new advisory approach, Decentralized governmental and administrative systems: citizen-centered, democratic and effective, presents GIZ's advisory approach to strengthening decentralized governmental and administrative systems, as well as examples of GIZ's projects.