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Research Studies

Decentralized Delivery of Water and Sanitation Services: A Synthesis of Selected Country Experiences and Findings
World Bank Water Global Practice and Governance Global Practice

July 2017
Efforts to expand access to water and sanitation services (especially to poor and underserved populations)--as well as efforts to improve operations and maintenance of existing water and sanitation systems--are often hindered by the challenges posed by the "vertical" (intergovernmental or subnational) aspects of water and sanitation provision. This study contributes to the state of knowledge on this topic by analyzing how decentralized water and sanitation service delivery mechanisms interact with decentralized governance arrangements in six countries (Kerala (India), Indonesia, Kenya, Peru, South Africa and Tanzania).

Dynamic Cities? The role of urban local governments in improving urban service delivery performance in Africa and Asia
Jamie Boex, Ammar Malik, Devanne Brookins and Ben Edwards

March 2016
In order to better understand the roles, discretion and accountability mechanisms faced by urban local governments in developing countries, this study collects comparative indicators for the institutional arrangements around the delivery of three urban services (solid waste management, water supply and sanitation services) for 42 cities across 14 different countries across Africa and Asia.

A Comparative Overview of Local Governance Systems in Selected Countries
Jamie Boex and Renata Simatupang

October 2015
Based on the Local Governance Institutions Comparative Assessment (LoGICA) Framework, this study presents a comparative analysis of local government systems in six countries, including Cambodia, Mozambique, Kerala (India), the Philippines, Tanzania and Indonesia.

Localizing public services and development in health and education
Jamie Boex and Benjamin Edwards

December 2014
Together with DELOG, LPSI engaged in an empirical stock-taking exercise to assess the contribution of local governments (and the local public sector more broadly) in achieving global development goals in health and education.

An analysis of the vertical allocation of public sector resources in ten developing countries
Jamie Boex

July 2013
The local public sector delivers services crucial for achieving sustainable and inclusive development. With USAID's support, the Urban Institute analyzed the vertical allocation of resources within the public sector in ten developing countries.

Working Papers

The Vertical Assignment Of Functions And Expenditure Responsibilities
Jamie Boex

May 2015
This working paper provides both a conceptual and practical understanding of "how to" effectively assign functional responsibilities and authorities to different levels of local government (or to different tiers of local administration) in the context of multilevel governance systems.

Measuring Decentralization and the Local Public Sector: A Survey of Current Methodologies
Faigy Abdelhak, Jihyun Chung, Jingqiang Du, and Valerie Stevens

March 2012
This short note provides an overview of the current and previous attempts to systematically measure -and collect data on- the scope and nature of (political, administrative and fiscal) decentralization in countries around the world.

Exploring the Measurement and Effectiveness of the Local Public Sector: Toward a Classification of Local Public Sector Finances and a Comparison of Devolved and Deconcentrated Finances
Jamie Boex

December 2011
This paper seeks to define a more detailed metric of (local) public sector finances, which recognizes that the central authorities in each country interact with residents, civil society, and the private sector in three ways: through the direct or delegated delivery of public services (by central government entities); through deconcentrated departments or jurisdictions; and/or through devolved local governments.

An Analytical Framework for Assessing Decentralized Local Governance and the Local Public Sector
Jamie Boex and Serdar Yilmaz

December 2010
This paper proposes a comparative decentralization assessment framework which guides a rapid assessment of a country's local public sector, including its political-administrative structures, its system of intergovernmental relations and the financing and functioning of the country's decentralized local governments.

Localizing the MDGs: Unlocking the Potential of the Local Public Sector to Engage in Development and Poverty Reduction
Jamie Boex

October 2010
This paper explores to what extent local public entities-whether in the form of elected local governments or through deconcentrated local departments of the national government-can contribute to achieving poverty reduction and development outcomes.

Other Publications

A Local Public Sector Country Profile for Sierra Leone: A Post-Conflict Transition Towards Decentralization
Jamie Boex and Ben Edwards

May 2013
Despite considerable progress in the devolution of political powers and functional responsibilities in Sierra Leone, Local Councils remain seriously constrained by limited devolution of administrative powers, as all 'local' public servants—such as teachers and health workers—remain staff of their respective line ministries.

The LPS Country Profile Handbook
Jameson Boex

December 2012
The LPS Country Profile Handbook presents an overview of the concepts and measurement of the local public sector, and provides detailed instructions on how to prepare a Local Public Sector Country Profile.

(The) Local Public Sector Matters

December 2011
Information about the Local Public Sector Initiative and the initial phase of LPSI's research agenda.